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About the series ‘Irenic’

Making ceramics is a craft and one of the oldest art forms in the world. The first painted and decorated vases from far before our era give us an idea of ​​the daily life of that time.

The fact that we have this knowledge is due to the almost indestructible nature of pottery. It may break into shards, but will survive the test of time. It can withstand the elements and the harshest conditions.

What if our current pottery turns up at an archaeological site hundreds of years from now? What will future generations learn about us? In the series ‘Irenic’, contemporary personal and social issues are both title and work of art.

Irenic: aiming at peace (from the Greek word eirene, peace)

My visual art anchored in a century-old craft, with the ‘Irenic’ vazes series of five new artworks.

Together with the experts at Cor Unum Ceramics in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, I developed a vase which is inspired on the shape of vase I worked with during my artist-in-residence in China.

Only by this collaboration combined with the values with which the people at Cor Unum work, my ‘Irenic’ series of vases could come to be.

About Cor Unum Ceramics

Cor Unum is a ceramic art centre founded and based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. They produce ceramics designed by leading international designers, architects and visual artists. Cor Unum takes social and cultural resposibility for the legacy of the ceramic crafts.

The mission of Cor Unum Ceramics is brought to the market through a team consisting of professionals, students, volunteers, people with distance from the labour market and designers. They all share one common passion: everyone deserves a place, everyone has got a talent and anyone can contribute to make the world somewhat nicer.