Lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands 

2005 – 2010 Royal Academy of Art [KABK], Fine Arts, The Hague

I believe that we live in a consumer society, where our economic status, power, religion and media are predominant. We are taught that we all need to have needs that, consequently, we have to fulfil.

The world around us is based on concepts, focused on the short term development of our intelligence, our economic status and our work status. But what are the consequences in the long term for our planet, for generations to come and for society in general? Idiocracy?

Our time in this life is limited. What if we, like other cultures, embrace our inevitable death? What if we look at the end of our lives as a ticket to the last fairground attraction, a game show with a Grand Prize, The End of a movie or the main goal of a project? What is truly important until then?


Portrait by Marit Hazebroek