Lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands 

2005 – 2010 Royal Academy of Art [KABK], Fine Arts, The Hague

As a little girl I was fascinated by the way grown-ups use decors to do things. On television I watched game shows with a kind of placebo-glitter & glamour-décor (not just yet falling into pieces due to its deficient condition), with game show contestants and game show hosts competing like their lives were depending on it.

I have a Roman-Catholic upbringing, where the show elements and the spectacle of the rituals, the altars and the annunciation of the Word of God in the gothic church we went to, bedazzled me. For me this decor acts similar as a game show backdrop for adults to act in. It converges into the surroundings where we live and work. 

We are all part of nature but are continuously asking ourselves how to relate to nature, as if it where outside our very own biosphere. For me, it raises questions about the meaning and impact on our surroundings. All that glitters isn’t gold. When is it a thin layer of veneer in which you can work and live? How do we humans look at it, deal with it, is it a decor or not, how we use it and why (do) we need it?

We live in a conceptual world. According to our economically driven consumer society, which is based on money, power, religion and media, we have needs that we have to fulfil. But our time in this life is limited. The irrepressible hunger and desire to live a great and (financially) successful life is blocking actions for global issues like the environmental crisis we’re in. If you are not in a day-to-day survival mode and look at it in the light of an entire lifespan and beyond, there are fundamental changes to initiate now, for the generations to come. 

In today’s society however our education systems and upbringings are mainly focused on developing our intelligence, our work status and economic development. Idiocracy? What if we, like other cultures, are to embrace our inevitable death. Or look at it as the grand prize of a game show, The End of a movie or goal of a project. What is truly important? Following your heart and intuition, creativity, love, friendship, pleasure and giving meaning? The meaning of life is obvious for some people, for others the epiphany comes in the very last minutes of their lives. Shedding clarity on what deeply matters.

Anyhow, like any kind of norm, it could and should be questioned, and can be changed at any time. And every step of change is a vote to do things differently and more thoughtful.