New art installation ‘Viriditas’ at Big Art 2021 exhibition (09/30 – 10/03)

New art installation ‘Viriditas’ is part of the upcoming edition of Big Art 2021. Viriditas will be on view on a unique location with monumental industrial buildings at the Hembrug in Zaanstad, the Netherlands. A former ammunition factory hall is the backdrop for XL and XXL contemporary artworks.

Thursday September 30 – Sunday October 3
Open daily between 11.00 and 18.00 hrs.
Check BIGART.NU for tickets and more info…

Viriditas, 2021

When it comes to our host, planet earth, do you believe that you are being a good guest? Like all other living organisms we are programmed for two things only; perpetuate the indivdual and perpetuate the species. We also know that our brain can’t handle and oversee a timespan of more than 70 years. Is our programmed brain capable to act on the global issues that can no longer be ignored?

Three designclassic chairs turned into rocking chairs that invite you to take a seat. Do we still have time for that or should we make time? Do we soothe our souls or allow ourselves to think about what is really being asked of us?

‘Viriditas’ is a reminder of the importance of our connection to nature and comes from the Latin words for ‘GREEN’ and ‘TRUTH’. (Hildegard von Bingen, 12th century AD)  


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present the series:


My art ancored in a century-old craft, with a series of five new art pieces. In collaboration with the experts at Cor Unum ceramics in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) we developed a vase, inspired by the form of vase I worked with during my artist in residency in China.
Only through the close collaboration with, and the work ethics and values of the people at Cor Unum, my new series of Irenic* vases came to be.

*Irenic: aiming at peace; from the Greek word ‘eirene’ (peace)

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About the ‘Irenic’ series

In my work I make use of existing materials, shapes and objects trouvés. The titles of my artworks are always as important as the artwork itself.

During my artist-in-residence in China, I found a fitting vase among hundreds of different existing shapes and moulds, which could be both a medium and a carrier of my art, which caused title and the work itself to become symbiotic. 

In the series “Irenic”, contemporary personal and social issues are both title and the work of art.